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Marcus Washington

Marcus Washington

Marcus is an agent in our sales team that strives to get the best result out of every situation he is put in. His main focus; getting the best price, in the shortest amount of time and supplying a personal and professional service to all his clients. Marcus has been in the industry for over 4 years and believes his age is not a negative, more a strength in showing that if you put your mind to something anything is possible. In his 4 years Marcus has sold over 161 properties ranging from units, residential houses, residential land and lifestyle properties.

“I love this profession, I have been doing it for just over 4 years and I enjoy every bit of it. When I first started off it was a big thing, being young and selling another person’s biggest investment, their home. I find people still ask me, how old are you? Have you just come out of school? I just say I may be young, though I have more motivation and goals to get the best out of every situation then an older agent with 20 years experience would. The difference is my service. My phone is on 24/7, whether it is a buyer enquiry, owner wanting to talk or a client wanting to see where the market is heading. I am a 24 hour 7 day business and that’s what the 'new age agent' needs to be.”

Marcus believes if you are going to be the best at something, you need to be passionate and be in it for the experience. He is very proud of what he has accomplished in his short career and looks forward to the next encounter he has!





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Marcus Washington

Sales Consultant

Level 1, 48 Station Street